Oneneophyte said that Portuguese food is comfort food- and that is a load of potatoes.
Portugal: At the crossroads of the world- places you cannot imagine

The truth behind Portuguese food.... you have to read on to believe it!


Eating in Portugal is a satisfying experience of local foods and ancient traditions. Whether you choose a table at a high-end restaurant–and Portugal boasts 17

Michelin stars with 14 Chefs–or just walk into a tasca, and try ultra-fresh local delicacies. Any way you go, Portuguese cuisine will surprise and delight.


Because of Portugal’s location, eating fish is not a luxury and a big part of the cuisine revolves around the catch of the day. Restaurants along the coast will serve fresh different varieties fish fresh from the docks, such as bream, bass, sardines, sole and all kinds of seafood. And they normally come with baked potatoes and fresh vegetables on the side, plus a salad.

But meat also plays its part in the cuisine. In the Alentejo one can dive into Carne de Porco à Alentejana (a unique combination of pork and clams), in the Porto region one cannot pass on the traditional Tripe dish (Tripas à moda do Porto) or the more recent superstar Francesinha (steak, egg, ham and cheese adrift in beer-sauce and cheese), which will leave you with that interesting mix of both pleasure and guilt.

On the topic of pleasure, Portugal is wine country…. award-winning reds, whites, rosés and the white-hot Vinho Verde. And you will not believe how cheap you can taste these wines for.

Dine on the beach, in an ancient prison or train station, or simply have some petiscos (classic tasting dishes) in a tasca. Portugal will win you over and be kind on your wallet. Bom apetite!


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