The Laurisilva is found primarily at an altitude between 900 and 4,200 feet and protects a wide variety of rare flora and fauna including the rare Priolo bullfinch. The Laurisilva Forest laurel tree is conical tree that can grow as high as 60 ft. tall. Today, the Laurus azorica is only found in the archipelago of the Azores. Read more →

QualityCoast has named the Azores the most sustainable tourism destination ahead of more than 1,000 other coastal and island locations worldwide. QualityCoast, a sustainable tourism international certification program, focused their study using several factors, including nature, environment, socio-economic factors and community. Read more →

Credits: Pedro Vasconcelos Portuguese and US scientists collected marine bacteria in the Atlantic off São Miguel and Santa Maria islands which might be used to fight different pathologies, such as cancer. This project collected data from more than 3,280 feet below in Azorean waters and gather researchers from Universidade Nova... Read more →