Some cycle just for the fun of it, others are just addicted. This last couple of years Portugal has become one of the cyclist’s best friends and the trend is indeed here to stay. Not only there are several trails (Greenways) spread across the country, but also many stores and cafés have been popping up. Read more →

Ties between Fado and the Tourada are strong today, with many a bullfight mixing with a concert of Fados, and the long tradition of going to a Fado house after the bullfight. Fado in the Ribatejo still sings of bulls and horses, and the Fados that tell the tales of the Last Royal Bullfight, and the love of Maria Severa and the Count of Vimioso live on. Even the great Fadista, Amáila Rodrigues made two films about the bullfight. Read more →

The golf course integrates with the natural environment. A well equipped clubhouse, with a restaurant, spike bar, pro shop and gold academy, overlooks nine of the 18 holes. The terrace offers an ideal post-round venue, where owners and visitors to Royal Óbidos can enjoy views. Read more →