This exclusive accommodation in Montemor-o-Novo hosts guests in what used to be a farmhouse. The building, a palacete (small palace) from 1895, was renovated to be a hotel and afterwords the owners invested in creating a chocolate factory in the former horses stables. The combination worked out and now the visitors get a lodging and a gastronomic experience. Read more →

Lisbon, Portugal has been named Best Leisure Destination in Europe. By Global Traveler at its sixth annual Leisure Lifestyle Awards at a reception in Los Angeles today. Global Traveler is the only monthly magazine for business and leisure luxury travelers. Read more →

On the top of a hill you can not miss the 5k fortress that embraces the city of Valença and pronounces its History. A city by the Minho river, that marks a natural border with Spain, it was a place of political and strategic importance in the early 13th century. It was built under the King Sancho I rule due to his military aspirations of conquering territories in Galicia and is now home for pilgrims and visitors form all over the world. Read more →

Start a new adventure in the Azores– nine volcanic islands surrounded by the Atlantic only four hours from Boston Logan Airport. More than 500 years of history, mild climate, dozens of restaurants, new 4 and 5 star hotels and inns, fascinating fresh local cuisine, art galleries with work of local artists – here in the Azores amid spectacular volcanic landscapes. Read more →

The Cascais Tourism Forum, that happens for the third time in Cascais, will be held next May 8 in the Grande Real Villa Itália Hotel & Spa in Cascais to bring the future of the sector to the debate. Marketeers, CEO's and professionals on the tourism businesses will discuss strategies to respond challenges and create opportunities in a tech tourism environment. Read more →

It looks like a summer postcard: At the southern edge of the Troia peninsula, you will find a perfect small village, washed by bright calm sea waters and long beaches of thin sand. In between the Atlantic and the estuary of the Sado River, this strip of land just one hour away from Lisbon has been attracting the curious travelers without losing a sense of place. Read more →

This is the first time that Portugal is hosting the Eurovision Song Contest. Starting on May 8 in Lisbon, the festival that was a phenomenon on its early years in the country recovered its fame throughout the country that had already give up hopes of a victory. Read more →

A Train from 1890 that hosted Kings, Presidents, Heads of State and even Popes is now open to run again. The Presidential train was recovered in 2010 to recreate its classical and luxurious identity. Back to railways of the Douro shores, it now hosts chefs to provide a gourmet experience on board, mixing senses and flavors in a moving Historical piece. Read more →

Azores Airlines Vacations America is offering a round trip to Azores with a lot included in a $1,449 (plus taxes) package. The flights are from Boston and travelers can book it online until May 25th. The trips will happen in September and travelers get to spend 3 days in Terceira and 3 days in Sao Miguel. Read more →