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Amid all the other awe-inspiring activities the Azores offer, the islands are also home to three golf courses that draw players from around the world. Here, golfing is a year-round activity with mild temperatures and spectacular landscapes at all the courses. The ocean is always in view and, while strolling... Read more →

Joana Vasconcelos is a Portuguese artist who lives and works in Lisbon, the city in which her career grew starting in the mid 90’s. Currently, she is recognized on the international art circuit and was the first women (and the youngest artist) to exhibit at the Palace of Versailles, in... Read more →

Location, weather and sea conditions make the Azores a unique place for diving and to observe diverse species of flora and fauna underwater. One of the benefits of diving here is that touristic companies only allow small groups which guides are specialized in marine biology. Landing on the island of... Read more →

Credits: Turismo dos Açores Canoeing gives you the chance to enjoy the surrounding landscape of Furnas' s Lake. A light activity where you enjoy the true essence of the volcano, in smooth and peaceful waters. The western of the two calderas is partially filled by a crater lake - Lagoa... Read more →

Credits: Câmara Municipal de Vila Franca do Campo Snorkeling at Ilhéu de Vila Franca is a unique experience: you are diving on your own private island. The water is quite warm for snorkeling, with variety of fish to see such as jelly fish, sea cucumber, etc. A crater that is... Read more →

Credits: Geography, soil and climate are the keys to the most precious treasures of the Azores: the wine. Surrounded by miles of water in every direction in the mid-Atlantic, wind and seawater are the greatest threats to the grapes, not the harsh temperatures. In fact, with low seasonal temperature... Read more →

Credits: Association of Surfing Professionals Within the nine islands you can find top surfing beaches for those who are using a surfboard for the first time, and also for more experienced surfers looking for the biggest and perfect waves. Surf is one of the hype activities to be practiced in... Read more →

Credits: Paulo Magalhães The Azores’ year-round mild climate gives the islands a fresh, spring like quality no matter when you visit. No matter what the weather is back home, it is always between 52 and 75 degrees F in the Azores. Summer arrives in July and often stays until December.... Read more →

1. The Azores: Europe (unspoiled) just four hours away from $1039 Credits: Azores Photos The wild nature, mild climate and European culture of the Azores Islands are the prefect answer to a spring break, as SATA Airlines announced new packages. Starting at $1039, these packages include round-trip airfare with taxes,... Read more →