SATA Airlines offers three extraordinary Spring Escapes: The Azores, Lisbon and Madeira Island
Top Spots for Water Sports in the Azores: Surf in Santa Bárbara beach, São Miguel

Azores Weather: When is the best time to travel to the Azores?

Weather in the Azores
Credits: Paulo Magalhães

The Azores’ year-round mild climate gives the islands a fresh, spring like quality no matter when you visit. No matter what the weather is back home, it is always between 52 and 75 degrees F in the Azores. Summer arrives in July and often stays until December.

November to March

The weather in the Azores is unique: in only one day you can feel a bright and sunny morning, some rain in the afternoon and some clouds in the evening. But you don’t need to worry: the locals can always tell you where the sun is shinning. Rent a car or find your own local guide and explore each of these beautiful Islands. This time of the year, you will find average temperatures between 52 and 63 degrees F.

April to June & September to October

If you prefer warmer weather and sunnier days, this is the best time for you to explore the Azores. With average temperatures between 62 and 75 degrees F, you can always find an outdoor activity to do: whale watching, surfing in the best European waves, golfing, hiking along the amazing trails and discover overwhelming views. And if it rain, many of the islands have great caves to explore!

SATA Airlines connects North America with the beautiful islands of the Azores. Year-round flights are available from Boston, with connecting service to Lisbon, Porto and Madeira. For information call 800-762-9995 or visit


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Yes, check out
Rural Tourism in Azores - or call SATA about a package deal 800- 762-9995

Tally carroll

Will boat trips to other islands be available in March?


Will there be boats for whale watching in mid-March? Will there be any whales at that time?

Jim Dwyer

I'm a photographer, and what I'm interested is when the land is most photogenic e.g. what month(s) do the most amount of flowers bloom? I don't care about air temperature or water temperature or other touristy type stuff -- just when does the landscape look it's best, at its peak?

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