Top Spots for Water Sports in the Azores: Snorkeling at Ilhéu de Vila Franca, São Miguel
Top Spots for Water Sports in the Azores: SAILING, DIVE and SNORKELING at Santa Maria Island

Top Spots for Water Sports in the Azores: Canoeing at Lagoa das Furnas, São Miguel


canoeing at Lagoa das Furnas, São Miguel, the Azores
Credits: Turismo dos Açores

Canoeing gives you the chance to enjoy the surrounding landscape of Furnas' s Lake. A light activity where you enjoy the true essence of the volcano, in smooth and peaceful waters. The western of the two calderas is partially filled by a crater lake - Lagoa das Furnas - at an elevation of 1,181 ft, and populated by several fumaroles and mud pools are located at the northern part of the lake.

In the central part of the village, springs and geysers are prevalent; thirty springs, each of differing temperatures and chemical compositions, including warm iron-rich streams and piped examples of mineral-rich warm and cold water.

You can find different active tourism companies in the area that would give you the opportunity to have great experiences and interaction with nature and all that she represents. Along canoeing, you can have an amazing adventure along creeks and waterfalls doing canyoning – a very complete sport which includes several activities such as rappel, swimming, walking and jumps to the water.


Family-Friendly Accommodation 

Accommodation at Furnas Lake Villas, São Miguel, the Azores
Credits: Furnas Lake Villas
Furnas Lake Villas are located between Vila Franca do Campo and Furnas. At 492 feet of the Villas you can find the Furnas Lake, an emblematic area of the Azores. It is known by its natural beauty, the surrounding Parks and the presence of the Fumaroles, where the traditional boiled from Furnas, the “Cozido das Furnas” - is cooked. 

To provide you an ideal environment to enjoy your vacations, Furnas Lake Villas apartments have wide, comfortable and functional divisions with view to the surrounding landscape. The surroundings are composed by high mountains with dense vegetation, which invite the guests to relax and to walk through its magnificent flora.

Additionally, this big dimension property offers several walking tracks with alternated panoramic views between the islands interior and the coast. Perfect for families who like to enjoy outdoors. There are several activities available such as horse riding, walking tours, canoeing, mountain bike tours, whale and bird watching, swimming with dolphins, diving, jeep tours, golfs and so much more. 


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