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Top Spots for Water Sports in the Azores: Surf in Santa Bárbara beach, São Miguel


Santa Barbara Beach, Sao Miguel, Azores, ASP World Tour
Credits: Association of Surfing Professionals


Within the nine islands you can find top surfing beaches for those who are using a surfboard for the first time, and also for more experienced surfers looking for the biggest and perfect waves. Surf is one of the hype activities to be practiced in the Azores and has gained fans in the last years. The volcanic sand beaches offer great waves all year round, and water sports activities can be practise in any island. 

Santa Bárbara beach, in the north coast of São Miguel Island, is known between the local surfers has one of the best spots to surf – mainly because of the waves and perfect surfing conditions. Also known as Areais, is an excellent beach break with fast, hollow and tubular waves.

This water sport has become increasingly popular, which led to the opening of more experienced Surf Schools and Surf Shops supplies, in order to offer to tourists interested in classes or the opportunity to rent or to buy the necessary equipment. There are lots of options for kids and adults, with group classes, surf camps and personalized lessons.

The local surfers community is very active, and organize summer camps dedicated to surfing, and even environmental actions, to clean the beaches and encourage the community to better protect the environment. This is a great spot for families: even with different levels of surfing, everyone will definitely have a blast.

On September this beach hosts the Billabong Azores Islands Pro, one stage for the ASP World Tour, attracting hundreds of professional surfers to this island in the middle of the Atlantic. 

With about 1 kilometer of beach, Praia de Santa Barbara had recently upgrading works, by bringing together excellent conditions for their tourists, with good access from the car park and walkways for users with reduced mobility, surveillance, health with showers and toilets and a bar / restaurant.

The average temperatures of the waters reach the 75º F in the summer and 60° F for the remainder of the year.


 Beach facilities

- Beach lifeguard
- Accessible Beach
- Showers and toilets
- Rental umbrellas
- Food & Drink
- Parking

Type of beach: beach break
Water Quality: Very Good
Blue flag: Yes
Level of surf: Beginners and Experienced
Funds: Sand to Stone
Peaks: Miscellaneous
Waves: Rights and Lefts
Extension of waves: 164-492 feet
Best Tide: mid and high tide swell direction: N / NE / NW
Wind: S / SW / N / NW
Offshore direction: NW / N
Many dangers: Tears and Cracks
Crowd: Normal
Localism: No
Average air temperature: 59º F - 77º F
Average water temperature: 69º F - 75º F


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Santa Barbara Surf School Azores

We are a great surf school located in west side of Santa Barbara beach in Ribeira Grande, São Miguel, Açores. If your after a surf experience or just some equipment hire, contact us! Email: [email protected] Website:

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