Visit the Azores: what lives on land, in the air and under the sea
Pico Island: best known for its excellent wine

Corvo Island: the most northern western point of the Azores

Landscape Corvo Island, the Azores
Credits: Turismo dos Açores

A recent documentary looked at life in this, the mot remote spot in Europe. Called “It is not the Earth, nor the Moon,” the film followed traditional life on the tiny island of Corvo - the most northern western point of the Azores. At three miles long and two miles wide, it’s home to just 300 Azoreans, most of whom live in the island's only town, Vila Nova do Corvo (New Town of Corvo). A 500-foot-deep crater sits at the island’s center, causing the island agricultural life to take place around it. Visitors can reach Corvo via a 10-minute flight from Flores or Faial, or a ferry ride from Flores. They can also tag along on a local fishing boat. 

In the 19th and 20th centuries, American whaling ships went to Corvo in search of crew. At the time, the island's residents were well known for their hard work and bravery. Fending off pirates and making life work on the edge of civilization made the folk of Corvo strong, self-dependent, and hearty. 

Today, Corvo boasts mostly open hinterland–perfect for solitary hikes with views of the sky and sea. However, many visitors now come to Corvo for its excellent scuba diving and fishing. No matter what your activity of choice, Corvo will keep you occupied – and happy to be someplace very special! 


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What is the name of this documentary and is it available for purchase?

JHS is all you need!

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