Activities in the Azores: biking and whale watching
Santa Maria: the oldest, the warmest and most southern of all islands

Exploring the Azorean Culture: Traditional Festivals from May through September

Holy Spirit Festivals, or Espírito Santo Festivals, are very important to the Azorean people. The festivals are rooted in medieval traditions and typically held on all the islands from May to September, including lively parades and large feasts. As part of the tradition, soup and bread are handed out to revelers during these events. On Terceira and other islands, decorative houses called Imperios are the staging points for the feeding of the masses.

The Festival of Senhor Santo Cristo dos Milagres in the Azores
Credits: Azores Photos

May marks The Festival of Senhor Santo Cristo dos Milagres (Lord Holy Christ of Miracles) in Ponta Delgada on the island of São Miguel. The largest religious event in the Azores is the Festa do Senhor Santo Cristo takes place on the 5th Sunday after Easter.Pilgrims from all over the world unite to parade behind the image of Christ on a three-hour procession along the flower decorated streets of the city.

Sanjoaninas Parade in the Azores
Credits: Azores Photos
The Sanjoaninas Festivities in Angra do Heroísmo in Terceira are held in June honoring S. Antonio, S. Pedro and St. João, in a large religious celebration. The traditional bullfights in the bullring are ongoing, as is the running of bulls in the streets.

The festival of Nossa Senhora de Lourdes, (Our Lady of Lourdes), patron saint to the Whalers, begins in Lajes on Pico on the last Sunday the August and runs through the week - Whalers Week. It is marked by social and cultural events connected to the tradition of whale hunting.
 The Festa das Vindimas, (Wine Harvest Festival), takes place during the first week of September and is a century old custom ways by the people of Pico.

In Corvo the people celebrate their patron saints Nossa Senhora dos Milagres, (Our Lady of Miracles), on August 15th every year in addition to the festivals of the Divine Holy Spirit. The Festival da Maré de Agosto (August Sea Festival), takes place every year beginning on the 15th of August in Praia Formosa on Santa Maria. And, the Semana do Mar (Sea Week), dedicated almost exclusively to water sports, takes place in August in the city of Horta, on Faial.


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Mário Coluna

Important to note, that Mare the Agosto Festival is a World Music festival established in 1987.

Bring to Praia Formosa, "one of the best – and few white-sand – beaches in the archipelago, Praia Formosa.", by The Guardian, more than 200 concerts in the last years.

It is considered the biggest musical event in Azores and major island attraction, which bring people from all archipelago and country to feel the "spirrit" of Maré.

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