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The hilly island of Graciosa is located within the central group of Azorean islands, and was discovered around 1450. Soon after, people began resettling there from Portugal and from Flanders. Today it is home to some 5,000 residents. When Flemish settlers came, they added their own style of windmills to... Read more →

Walking around the historic center, you may also find other traditional cafés that are considered important leisure and cultural places, where the locals meet and socialize. One of that spots is the Café Central, reopened in 2006. With a contemporary design and cozy atmosphere, it has an outdoor esplanade and it remains a central meeting point for locals and travelers. The Café Mascote and Café Royal are also famed places in Ponta Delgada where you can enjoy the traditional sweet treats. Read more →

“I try will to forget, with a few ginjinhas. For giving a drink to pain is the best way to do that….” - from one the many Fados that speak lovingly of Ginja Credits: Turismo de Lisboa If your walking around Praça do Rossio, in Lisbon, you may find a... Read more →

Almost all Portuguese sweet treats have a secret recipe guarded inside a family or a convent during centuries. ‘Pão de Ló’, a famous cake from 15th century made by nuns, or ‘Pastéis de Nata’, the typical egg tart pastry, made by the convent of Jeronimos with closely guarded ingredients and... Read more →

Credits: Associação de Turismo dos Açores Pico, which means "Peak" in Portuguese, is the aptly named island that is the tallest of the Azores Islands. It sports a giant peak that often rises above the cloud cover, marking the first glimpse an air traveler might have of the Azores. Visitors... Read more →

Credits: Turismo dos Açores A recent documentary looked at life in this, the mot remote spot in Europe. Called “It is not the Earth, nor the Moon,” the film followed traditional life on the tiny island of Corvo - the most northern western point of the Azores. At three miles... Read more →

Credits: Azores Photos One of the fascinating wonders of the Azores Islands comes in the form of the bio-diversity of its trees and plants, most of which were imported from around the world. Despite their proximity, each island has its own look, feel and climate. The fauna can vary dramatically... Read more →

Credits: Azores Photos Approximately 50 miles from São Miguel, Santa Maria wins the prize for being the warmest and most southern of all islands. The most common way to get to Santa Maria is by plane, but from May to October, a ferry runs from São Miguel. Geologists believe that... Read more →

Holy Spirit Festivals, or Espírito Santo Festivals, are very important to the Azorean people. The festivals are rooted in medieval traditions and typically held on all the islands from May to September, including lively parades and large feasts. As part of the tradition, soup and bread are handed out to... Read more →