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10 Fest Azores 2013

During 10 days, 10 Chefs will prepare 10 different dinners in the ’10 Fest Azores 2013. From June 20th to 29th, in Ponta Delgada, guests can experience the Azores from 10 different cuisine perspectives.

10 Fest Azores 2013 – 10 days, 10 chefs!, this year in its second edition, will to highlight the Azorean products and flavors.

With different backgrounds, Chefs will travel from mainland Portugal, France, Denmark, Germany and United States will take part in this cooking adventure.

Chefs with stars will be there, and there are two Michelin stared chefs: David Foure, from Restaurant Aphrodite, in Nice, France, whose dishes tell a story, an experience and bring us back to childhood; and Vítor Matos, from Hotel Casa da Calçada, in Amarante, Portugal, passionate about aromatic herbs and edible flowers.

Each day, the Chef and the team from the tourism school of the Azores will prepare and serve 70 meals inspired by the nine Atlantic islands of the Azores. 

To be a part of this truly cuisine odyssey and learn more about the Azores and its cuisine, make a reservation at Anfiteatro Restaurant/Lounge, at the Portas do Mar, Ponta Delgada.

azorean fish

Anthony Bourdain has already covered the Azorean cuisine in his No Reservations show. After working in kitchens alongside generations of Azorean Portuguese immigrants, he decided to visit three Azorean islands and discover more about their cuisine. Recently, Chef Tsi Ming, from PBS’s Simply Ming, visited the islands to learn how to make some of the region’s most famous dishes.

From the best big game fishing around, to cooking in geyser, to Europe’s only tea plantations to amazing cheese, and unique selfish – the Azores is an emerging food destination. The food of the Azores is a unique blend of Portuguese mainland cooking, with 500 years of isolation, and the unique local and imported ingredients that exist only in the Azores, and in the seas around it. From pineapples to rare fruits, to unique wine and liqueurs, the Azores are a tasty adventure await exploration.


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