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The Conjurer and Other Azorean Tales" by Darell KastinDarrell Kastin, an American writer of Azorean heritage, launches his new novel, “The Conjurer and Other Azorean Tales”, in Angra do Heroísmo today. 

Kastin mother’s was originally from Faial Island and his father from Russia. The writer belongs to the generation of literary creators with Azorean heritage that are conquering a spot in American literature.

This third generation of emigrants entered into the universities and its very creative”, explains Vamberto Freitas, Professor at University of the Azores, that present Kastin’s novel in Angra do Heroísmo.

The Professor also remembered other names such as Melissa Accardi (poet) and Alfred Lewis, which his autobiographical novel, “Home is an Island”, was the first book of a Portuguese emigrant written in English to have a national projection.

Developing the magic realism, Kastin wrote about the Azores, inspiring himself in landscapes and characters that belong to stories that his parents and grandparents told him.

The L.A. writer doesn’t considered himself "Azorean," because he was not born in the Islands, but doesn’t feel one hundred percent American. “I think I belong to a tenth Island.”

One of Kastin’s dreams is to see is books published in Portuguese. According to the writer, there are already some contacts with the Luso-American Developtment Foundation to start working on the translation of his work. 


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