SATA Airlines Introduces Flights to the Azores from Philadelphia
Five friends are connecting the Azorean islands by windsurfing

8TH WONDER OF THE WORLD: Voting Now Open Through September 30

Flores Island, the Azores
The Azores are nominated as the 8th Wonder in the World contest

Attention Friends of the Azores:

The Azores have been nominated as the “8th Wonder of the World” on the’s contest and we need your support!

If you are really in love with these amazing nine Atlantic islands, their breathtaking landscapes, unforgettable cuisine and fantastic people, please vote for the Azores here!

The public around the world is asked to vote for their favorite landmark between more than 200 submissions. Let’s show the world that We Love The Azores! Voting is open until September 30 and you can vote once a day.

The "Wonder" with the most votes will be crowned the winner and will be featured in a national broadcast TV segment on a popular program.


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Christine Diaz

Azores is the best!!


Beautiful :-)

Christine Diaz

Azores are the most beautiful islands in the world!!

Cristina Goncalves

My parents were born in Terceira & I was born in the USA but I've always considered the islands my home. It's an amazing, playful, beautiful, & friendly place. Certainly you'll want to return & participate in the festivals & take in the beauty of the islands again & again.

Carmen Leonardo


Gisela Schmitt

ich bin seit 2 Tagen von den Azoren zurück - klar, dass ich für die Inseln vote :-) ... der Aufenthalt dort = einfach genial :-)))

Margaret Imecs

Voted! Good Luck!

shirley el houd

a beautiful place still very primitive and natural.

Zeza Verissimo

Please vote :))))


I've been to Terceira 5 times. These islands are beautiful! It's nice to see this nomination, for more people will now know about the azores islands!

Antonio Aires

Eu estive em S. Miguel varias vezes, e tenciono voltar em breve.

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