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pottery the Azores
Recently, Santa Maria saw the first excavation of a pottery kiln. Known as the "mother island" of clay, Santa Maria has produced and exported white argil clay for centuries to other islands. 

Discovered almost by chance, this ancient pottery oven is located in the center of Vila do Porto and dates to the 18th century.

Élvio Sousa, a researcher from Universidade Nova de Lisboa, and four more researchers, expect to confirm what the oral tradition has told of for generations. This excavation will help them to find out more about this oven and to reproduce the techniques used in the day.   

It is believed that the old pottery kiln was used to make stands, bowls, dishes and jugs.

Clay as always been important not only to Santa Maria's local economy, but also to  Madeira and the Canarys Islands – which purchased pottery and clay from Santa Maria as long as 400 years ago. 


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