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freediving with sharks in the azores
Credits: Nuno Sá

Freediving with sharks is becoming a cutting edge activity in the Azores. The adrenaline sure beats the fear and this experience is growing by between 30 to 40% per year . 

There are already four companies that offer this amazing experience off of Faial  and Pico, and most experts agree that the Azores is the best place in the world to do it! 

Nuno Sá, an awarded Portuguese photographer, was already recognized twice in one of the most important nature photography contests, the Veolia Environment Wildlife Of The Year, with a photo of a blue shark taken in the Azores. And this kind of public exposure is bringing  more and more divers to the Azores each year.

Freediving with sharks is ledby informed and traveled divers that want to dive with the inspiration of Jaws in the ocean. The Azores are already classified as an “adventure destination,” and freediving with sharks is contributing for it too! 

Pico Sport was the first company offering this exciting experience three years ago. As part of their SharkSchool, they offer people that do not scuba dive, the extraordinary opportunity to observe sharks in their natural environment. Snorkeling with sharks is possible as part of an 8-day SharkSchool course, but it’s also being offered as a 3-day course for $385, which includes:

- Snorkeling course with an introduction to Apnoe diving;
- Snorkeling course near the coast to practice snorkeling skills;
- Shark briefing by Pico Sport’s certified Shark Guide / SharkSchool;
- Excursion of approximately 6 hours at ‘Banco Condor’ to snorkel with sharks.

According to Eduardo Bettencourt, from Pico Sport, the blue sharks can be found easily in the central group of islands, and the majority of the freediving with sharks happens during summer season. Germans, Austrians, Swiss are the in the top 3 that already dig this exciting activity.


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