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Discover the Azores on horseback

Five friends are connecting the Azorean islands by windsurfing


Sharing Azores, Connecting the World” is a project from five friends that want to connect the nine Atlantic islands by windsurfing. Their goal is to connect the Azores and nature and they hope to finish this odyssey in 2014.

The project was inspired in the Peter Café Triathlon, a sports event that connects three Azorean islands. But they think they can do more and connect all nine islands by windsurf.

The five adventurers have different backgrounds and only two are from the Azores. What brought together Filipe Palma, a physical education teacher and an adventures guide, Miguel Dória, an architect and also an adventure guide, Armindo Furtado, a businessman, Nuno Braz de Oliveira, a dentist, and Gil Braz de Oliveira, an engineer? The passion from the Azores' waters and the desire of doing something that was never been tried before.

The ideas started in 2012 and this project aims to promote the importance of the sea in Portugal’s economy. They want to highlight the need to develop activities related to recreational boating and promoting the specific characteristics of the Azores Sea.  They believe that it is possible to promote and inspire life and young people through this adventure.

With more than 30 years of experience in windsurfing, these five friends now depend on nature, mainly in sea conditions, wind and weather.

In April 2012, they finish with success the connection between Faial and Pico, Pico and São Jorge, São Jorge and Terceira. In April 2013, they planed to connect São Miguel and Santa Maria, but this stage was not successful because of the weather, visibility and waves. After 2/3 of the route complete, they decided to turn back.

 This Azores Adventure continues next year (hopefully with better conditions!)


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