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Restarting a tradition: Ponta Delgada celebrates ‘Holy Spirit Festival’

City gateway in Ponta Delgada
Credits: Associação de Turismo dos Açores
Ponta Delgada, on São Miguel island, celebrates the ‘Holy Spirit Festival” from July 11 to 14. This festival is rooted in medieval traditions and typically held on all the islands from May through September. 

The celebration brings thousands of people and includes lively parades and large feasts. As part of the tradition, soup and bread are handed out to celebrants following a procession. This year, the values of solidarity and sharing will be reinforced with the distribution of more than 13,000 meals.

The Holy Spirit Festival in Ponta Delgada was brought back by the City ten years ago. And to celebrate the 10th anniversary they will offer more food boxes to more than 43 nonprofits during the Festival.

The 10th edition will also have 32 events, starting with a conference about the “Holy Spirit in the Popular Tradition”, the distribution of the food boxes, and the sharing of the traditional ‘Holy Spirit’ soups to about 13,000 people. The 24 parishes of Ponta Delgada are also participating in a Parade with 50 oxcarts and 30 floats. The traditional mass will be given by Angra do Heroísmo bishop and the procession will have about 100 crowns, 100 flags and 12 bands.


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Britta Linder Söderström

Ponta Delgada, on São Miguel island, celebrates the ‘Holy Spirit Festival”

2016 - what date this year?

I visited Ponta Delgada 2011 in july when you were celbrating Espirito Santo and it was a nice event.

Best regards,

Britta Linder Söderström

Alvaro Gonçalves Coutinho

Em São Miguel, nos Açores, assista às Festas do Senhor Santo Cristo.

Convento da Esperança, em Ponta Delgada, sai em procissão ao quinto Domingo após a Páscoa, com grandes arraiais e iluminação.

Data de Início: 27 Abril 2016
Data de fim: 02 Maio 2016
Ponta Delgada - São Miguel

Debra Korbel

I’m looking for information on how the Holy Ghost festival was celebrated initially? Where can I find such information?

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