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The Azores is a premier destination for golfers, mainly because of its mild temperatures year round. There are three golf courses with 18+ holes – two on São Miguel Island and one on Terceira Island.

The Batalha Golf Course -- just a few miles outside of the city of Ponta Delgada – started as an eighteen-hole course and a few years ago added another a nine-hole, bringing its total to 27. The first nine offers sweeping ocean panoramic views, while the remainder plays through exotic woodlands with volcanic mountain views.

And they have a new deal: the Pitch & Putt - a new small golf course, PAR 3, with six holes, where players can learn golf rules, discover the different obstacles in the field and where the whole family can have fun regardless ages and expertise. The length of a game at the Pitch & Putt is always less than the traditional golf course, as well as less expensive – you need fewer clubs and the greens fee is cheaper too.

If you want to dip into the golf world, this might be a good opportunity to start. After learning the “swing” movement at golf classes, playing at the Pitch & Putt will show you what is golf as a sport. The Pitch & Putt is an excellent training course for all players, taking into mind that the short game is largely responsible for better scores.

The Batalha Golf Course was designed by Cameron & Powell and takes advantage of the island’s natural features. David Sayers, guidebook writer, described the course as “one of the most intimate and exquisitely beautiful courses, given its mountain setting with sheltering forests and numerous elegant tree ferns."


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