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The Ilhéu das Cabras, or the ‘Goat Island’ in English, are near the south coast of Terceira Island and are considered by many one of the “Angra do Heroísmo” icons. These two little islands, before just one island, are what’s left of the old volcanic cone of surtesyana origin – a volcanic eruption that takes place in shallow seas or lakes. 


The legend says that during the World War II, a German submarine was hidden between these two islands, running from the American submarines attacking it. No one really knows if this is true or not, but this is a plausible fact due to the deep depth of water between the two.


Also, Ferreira Deusdado, a Portuguese writer and philosopher from the 19th  century, wrote in his book “Quadros Açóricos,” the legend of Fernão de Hutra, a young and reckless boy from Faial. 


According to the story, Fernão was in love with a woman and, when he discovered that he couldn’t see her anymore, he planned to kidnap her. In despair, he tried to make a pact with the devil, but with no success. So, the young man was forced to leave Horta city and moved to Angra.


While there, lost and bohemian, Fernão again fell for the wrong woman: the Captain General’s daughter.  Furious, and to avoid the tragic end of the romance, the Captain spoke with the owners of the “Ilhéu das Cabra,” his brother in law, and they captured Fernão and took him against his will to the islands.


Fernão de Hutra lived there for seven years and kept his pact with the devil. One night, after being absolved and anointed by a monk that mysteriously appeared in the islands, he died of regret.



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James D

Great post. Really enjoyed the story of the wayward kid. Make sure not to make a pact with the Devil! Thanks for sharing


We were told they are called Goat Island(s) because the Portuguese government left goats there to if the place was habitable. When they came after a year, the goats were doing fine.

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