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Archeologist Jorge Alarcão said the pools appear to be mikvah, or ritual Jewish baths, predating the 14th century – or the reign of King D. Fernando I. The remarkable state of preservation, as well as intact frescos, led the team to conclude that these were mikvah for Jewish women. “This could be the only discovery of its kind made in Portugal.” Read more →

From hotels built in palaces to love stories that span the ages – Portugal is home to numerous places perfect for igniting (or reigniting) the flames of love. One of those is the Madeira Island. Known as the island of flowers, Madeira has unforgettable sunsets, fantastic scenery and romantic restaurants. The island of Madeira is the perfect place for a romantic honeymoon. Wander hand in hand through the Botanic Gardens or the Orchid Gardens. Read more →

The Laurisilva is found primarily at an altitude between 900 and 4,200 feet and protects a wide variety of rare flora and fauna including the rare Priolo bullfinch. The Laurisilva Forest laurel tree is conical tree that can grow as high as 60 ft. tall. Today, the Laurus azorica is only found in the archipelago of the Azores. Read more →