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The volcanic genesis of the Azores is unmistakable. Thousands of years of vegetation cannot hide the deep craters, many of which are now filled with deep lakes. Geysers and sulfur springs are common. The Azores are also known for their rolling landscapes, sprinkled with tiny settlements of whitewashed or black stone houses. The hillsides are planted with vineyards, fruit orchards, and tea plantations. Some coastlines are strewn with black rocks, rugged and often plunging hundreds of feet into the emerald sea. Read more →

After World War II, Santa Maria Airport ceased to be a military base and became a civil airport of strategic importance, allowing international stops for refueling in the middle of the Atlantic. The Airport also became the center of life and development for the island. Travelers came from various parts of the world and contributed to the introduction of new cultural ideas on Santa Maria. Read more →