Praia da Vitória - Terceira Island, Azores
Teatime in the Azores - how it went from China, to Portugal, to England, to the Azores

Azores Pineapples - Unique in all the World

Once oranges were king in the Azores – helping ward off scurvy, and making a wonderful holiday gift. In fact, in the 19th century, winter oranges were so popular in London, they were called St. Michaels. But time changed, and the need for a substitute to the orange led to a boom in growing pineapples in the Azores. While there was no tropical sun, the new crop needed a warm soil rich in organic matter – and that led to pineapple greenhouses – which are unique to the Azores.


Today São Miguel by most estimated has about 6,000 greenhouses. It takes 2 years to raise the pineapple from flower to fruit, and lots of smoke to fertilize the plant as it grows. And, the Ananaz – or Azorean pineapple is unique with its small crown and intense flavor.


And, not only are there pineapple cakes, sugared pineapple, pineapple liqueur, but pineapple jams and pineapple garnish on roasted meats. Want to see for yourself, just visit the open-to-the-public A. Arruda Pineapple Plantation on Sao Miguel – just a few minutes from downtown Ponta Delgada. Rue Drº Augusto Arruda - Fajã Baixo – 351-296 384 438


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How long does the walk from Sao Miguel Park Hotel to the Arruda Azores Pineapple Plantation take?


It would be about 20 minutes uphill by foot - or 5 minutes by taxi - and they would wait for you.

Robert Cunha

We would like to know if there are any Arrudas today at the Arruda Azores Pineapple Plantation. We will be visiting there in June. My grandfather, Francisco Arruda, worked on an Arruda pineapple plantation in Ponta Delgada around 1900 before he came to the United States. We are wondering if it is the same plantation and if we have any Arruda relatives there. We just want to say "hello."

Jose F Borges

who does import yours pineapple in USA(east coast)?

Carol-Ann Rahl

I hope to visit Sao Miguel next year and wonder if the Arruda Pineapple Plantation was where my granddfather worked before coming to the United States about 1919? His name was John Machado Arruda. I believe my great-grandfather (last name Mederios) also worked there at the same time. I know they lived in Arrifes. I also wonder if there is a plantation in Arrifes? Would appreciate your help. Thank You.


Trying to find a importer of Pineapple Liqueur from the Azores.

Portugal Adventures is an importer

Patricia Arruda Paquette

This message is for Robert Cunha. I believe his grandfather is my grand uncle and would like to be able to contact him

Margie Flanagan

I believe that my great grandfather was one of your liquor tasters in the late 1800's and early 1900's... his name was Manuel Mello Carrillo and his wife Maria Merces. When my grandfather, his son went to the army there he changed his last name to Pontes. (don't know why) Anyway, would you have any record of that of my great grandfather working there?
Also they said that when he walked home he would sing opera very loud through the streets.. to much liquor, ha ha ha!
email: [email protected]
Facebook: Margie Flanagan (Eureka, CA)

Crystal Fairburn (Perry)-(Perriera/Oliviera)

does anyone know if there is a list of all the pineapple plantations on sao Miguel island? One of them was founded by my great grandparents (who ive never met) and I would love to be able to track down which one belonged to them (if it even still exists). my grandmother was Hilda Oliviera, it was her parents who founded the plantation....


How can i ship or import Pineapples too Amsterdam?
I really love the fruit...
So if you now how that works that would be 100 procent GREAT !!

Brenda Powers

My family visited Sao Miguel 2 years ago and I could not get enough pineapple! It is so delicious, unlike any pineapple I ever had. Can you tell me how I can get some shipped to the United States?

Bob Cunha

To Patricia paquette : l live in Stuart Fl.
Please contact us if you get this message.
Francisco Aruda was my grandfather. His brother lived in Providence RI.
Bob and Louise Cunha

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