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Seen from a distance from the mainland at Peniche, the Berlengas just look like giant rocks, but as you come closer and visit this archipelago its beautiful small beaches, rock formations and biological diversity will impress you.


The archipelago of Berlengas is located 6 miles off the Portuguese Coast and is classified as a Biosphere Reserve by the UNESCO. It includes a group of small islands – Berlenga Grande Estelas e Farilhões.


Some may say that the island worked as an inspiration for Hitchcock’s famous movie “Birds,” - because they are full of many kinds of birds. Seagulls are actually the main inhabitants of the island year round. But in the summer visitors get to explore this relatively unknown island group in small groups.


You can visit and the Fort of Sao Joao Baptista, a 17th century building with accommodations for tourists, or explore the many caves, go scuba diving and enjoy the underwater treasures it has to offer. If you prefer, just sunbathe and dive in the clear emerald waters of its small beaches or make a boat tour and get to see the animal shaped rock formations - like the elephant’s head or the whale!


During the summer days there are two daily ferry trips to the island. Either in Berlengas or in Peniche you can eat great sea bass and fish to finish a great day in one of the most wonderful islands in Mainland Portugal.


S. Jo∆o Baptista Fort, Berlengas



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