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The Sopas do Espirito Santo, translated as Soups of the Holy Spirit, are traditional in the Azores during Easter celebrations, specifically the Holy Spirit Festivities and vary from island to island. Usually, on the Pentecost Day, in which the Holy Spirit descended over the Apostles, the event is celebrated with the Soup of the Holy Spirit made with local meat, vegetables and bread that is offered to everyone. Read more →

The “Mulher de Capote” factory on São Miguel is a family company whose liqueurs are made with 100% natural materials following old local recipes with the best fruits from the islands, carefully selected and aged in oak casks for up to two years. On Pico liqueurs such as Angelica and fig are celebrated. As is their brandy. Read more →

In the Azores, the top team is Santa Clara – based in Ponta Delgada. Santa Clara is the only team from the Azores to ever play in Portugal’s major league, where they competed for three seasons. The team is highly competitive, and offers European soccer in the closest stadium to the US. Read more →