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Sopas do Espirito Santo - Holy Soup! Azores


 The Sopas do Espirito Santo, translated as Soups of the Holy Spirit, are traditional in the Azores during Easter celebrations, specifically the Holy Spirit Festivities and vary from island to island. Usually, on the Pentecost Day, in which the Holy Spirit descended over the Apostles, the event is celebrated with the Soup of the Holy Spirit made with local meat, vegetables and bread that is offered to everyone.


The origin of tradition is unclear but it dates back to the first settlers and to Portugal’s Queen Santa Isabel who promised the Holy Spirit to offer a banquet with bread and meat for the people in need if the war between her son and husband ceased.


Nowadays, the Festivities have an elected “brotherhood” that each year is responsible to carry the traditions and rituals of the Festivities and offer the community with the Soup of the Holy Spirit.


The Imperio, a small chapel opened exclusively for that period, is where the main center of ceremonies and where the Soup is given. There is also where the crown and scepter are exhibited in the decorated altar for worship.


Throughout the world, where Azorean communities live, this ritual is celebrated such as in the United States, Canada or Brazil. It mainly expresses not only a devotion and religious practice but also a desire for charity and cooperation between neighbors. 


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