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The 10 most beautiful abandoned places in Portugal – With a mild year-round climate, history awaits the traveler in Portugal. Every corner of the country has historic monuments, museums, interesting events, tasty cuisine and wine. Portugal is consistently named one of Europe's top values. But, there are some places that have been forgotten by time. Read more →

The 10 chefs have all different backgrounds – from mainland Portugal, Canada, Spain, US, France, Denmark or the UK – and will give their contemporary twist to the traditional cuisine and products so that the guests can enjoy an extraordinary dinning experience. Read more →

You might have seen “Portuguese Sweet Bread” for sale in local grocery stores. It is common in New England and in Hawaii. But those in the know, know that is really Azores Sweet bread – and here is the story… Massa Sovada is a kind of sweet bread made in the Azores for Easter, or other religious celebrations like the Holy Spirit festivities. As it is generally associated to holidays and times of sharing, massa sovada is a delicacy close to the heart for every Azorean. Read more →

As Portugal emerged as a nation, bent on taking lands conquer by Moorish forces in centuries after the fall of the Roman Empire, its first kings drew their lines along the River Tejo. Coimbra the capital of the Centro Region ended at the Tejo River, which became the border between the new kingdom of Portugal and the Moorish lands to the south. Here, a line of castles rose under religious orders designed to defend the newborn nation, while allowing a base to launch the Reconquest. The ring and line of castles, granite landscapes, and friendly folk make it a wonderful off-the-beaten-path adventure. Little if anything has been written about this journey into the age of king and knights… Read more →