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Portuguese Muffins? Meet the real Bolo Lêvedo



If you have ever been in a bakery, and seen something called “Portuguese Muffins," take note – They are not exactly Portuguese or muffins… they are Bolo Lêvedos – tasty bread that is traditional to the Town of Furnas on São Miguel.

 Recently, the HuffPost Taste  said this of them: "For those who aren't familiar with the Portuguese muffin, it is slightly sweeter and slightly larger than an English muffin. You don't pull it apart like you would an English muffin -- instead, you cut it in half with a knife, like you would a bagel. The cross-section is smoother, with fewer "nooks and crannies" than an English muffin."

They are much appreciated throughout the islands today, and often served for breakfast, or with fresh cheese with meal. It is a kind of bread, round and flat shape, served plain or stuffed. This is about as Azorean as it gets, so look for them in the Azores, you won’t be sorry!


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