Boston Portuguese Festival hosts Annual Azorean Whaleboat Regatta on June 15
Celebrating the 30th anniversary of the ban on whaling in the Azores - and the birth of whale watching

Dive with the sharks in the Azores

Diving with the sharks in the Atlantic waters off the Azores is attracting more and more people. Last year alone the increase in swimming with sharks was 30 to 40% over 2012, with revenue of over two million euros. On Pico and Faial islands there are  four companies that devote themselves to this unique  sport.

Swimming With Sharks in Azores - Photo credit to Tiago Castro . Dive Azores

Experts say that becuase of the natural beauty of the ocean floor in the Azores and the species that live there, this is probably the best place in the world to dive with sharks. Seamounts in the region are  home to abundant  blue sharks. These animals can reach up to four meters in length and feed mainly on squid and small fish , and it is possible to dive to a maximum depth of 150 meters. They are the smallest of the so called "Great Sharks " and do not represent a  danger to humans.

Each dip in the cool waters of the sea costs, on average,  200 euros. Armed with wetsuits and other equipment , participants to the sea in search of a place where these animals can be seen and divers are  armed onlywith cameras to record the encounter. and here it is different what happens in the United States, where the diver is protected by a cage to observe the graceful form of these large sharks swimming. Dive Azores is one of companies specializing in this  unique experience.

Diving with Sharks in Azores 01 - Photo credit to Tiago Castro - Dive Azores


Dive Azores
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