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Peter Café Sport - the best gin and tonic?

If you were a yachtsman, the name Peter Café Sport would need no explanation. Any yacht that has made the Atlantic crossing knows Peter Café Sport as the best place to share a beer, pick up a crew, or swap a tall sea tale.  (Note: It's not “Peter’s” Café, just "Peter"--and if you use it wrong, they'll know you're a landlubber!)


Peter Café Sport is located just a little bit under 2,000 nautical miles off the coast of New York, on a star-shaped island called Faial, at the port city of Horta. Faial is one of nine islands in the Azores archipelago of Portugal. The café has been in the Azevedo family since it opened in 1918. Owner José Azevedo got the nickname "Peter" from a British officer during World War II and the name stuck.  A bulletin board in the café today advertises for crew members, while the café's ceiling is covered with the flags of many nations. In addition to dining and some of the coldest Especial beer anywhere, Peter Café Sport offers hiking, biking and whale watching tours, and an on-site museum.
The American sailor has known of Faial's deep, sheltered harbor for more than two centuries. At one time, whaling ships from New England's Nantucket, Edgartown and other ports filled Faial's harbor in search of crews, dories and supplies. Today, its new harbor is full of yachts of all sizes and designs. Local tradition dictates that each crew stopping here must paint their colors on Faial's harbor wall. This ensures they will reach their next port safely, and makes for a very colorful wall!
Peter Café Sport is just one landmark in Horta. Despite the city's small size, its waterfront boulevard has a distinctly cosmopolitan feel. The town is framed on one side by a mountain range and, across a 6-mile channel, the massive peak of Pico Island rises 7,700 feet above the sea. Pico is Portugal's highest point. Visitors to Horta can find ancient forts, historic churches and a lovely central square.

Oh, and let us know if you think they have the best gin = tinic...


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Al Robbins

Have had the gin and tonic at "Pete's" Cafe, loved it.
Can you give us the name of the manufacturer/distributor of the tonic water?

Tom Lauritzen

We stopped in Peter Cafe Sport in 2016 while on 55 day cruise of the MED. We had the Bombay Sapphire Gin &Tonic for brunch, then another and another. We have been drinking them ever since. Morton's Steak House in the US makes a great one. Thank you Peter Cafe Sport for introducing us to a great drink. In fact, I am having one as we speak.


Was there last week. Best gin and tonic ever!!

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