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Coffee in Portugal is much more than a routine; it is a ritual that comes, in some cases, with its own “cathedrals”, the Cafés. A Route of Historic Cafes has been created to explore 23 of the most beautiful and artistic Cafés in the country. From North to South of Portugal, here is a selection of cafés not to miss. Read more →

On the island São Miguel, visitors can use the Terra Nostra Garden Hotel as the starting point for exploring the calderas, geysers, steam vents and springs of the Furnas Valley. Here a former orange grove has been transformed into botanical gardens, filled with exotic trees imported from every corner of the Portuguese empire. Read more →

Duarte Pacheco began his career in 1928 by building a new campus for Lisbon's Superior Technical Institute. He then became Portugal's Minister of Public Works and Communication, which ultimately made him responsible for building much of 20th century Lisbon. His mark can be seen in the neighborhoods of Alvalade, Encarnação, Madredeus and Caselas. Read more →