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February 2015

Evora, a city that is a World Heritage site conserves a valuable set of historic buildings, including the Roman temple, the Cathedral, the University or the façades of the old palaces. Relax in the Praça do Giraldo or in other squares that entice us to sit down and soak up the rhythm of the Alentejo, in front of a fountain or under arcades. Read more →

The Alentejo enjoys mild winter weather and its abundant, fertile soil has made it the agricultural heart of Portugal. It’s known in some circles as “the bread basket of Portugal.” One-story farmsteads dot the hillsides, while its cork forests have supplied cork to the world for centuries. Its main cities are Évora, Portalegre, Beja, and Sines. Read more →

Until the twentieth century Madeira played an important part in the social life of the upper class. It was especially favored in cities such as Baltimore, Boston, Charleston, Philadelphia, New York and Savannah where they celebrated with so-called ‘Madeira-parties’. At these events, you drank several vintages of Madeira to a light meal like terrapin-soup. Read more →