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About midway between the east coast of the United States and mainland Portugal sits the Azores, a collection of nine islands scattered over several hundred nautical miles. The closest point to Europe from the United States, the Azores were once the one-and-only stopping-off point for ocean voyagers traveling between the two continents. Today, the Azores are an autonomous region of Portugal, even though they are more than 800 miles west of Portugal's mainland. A direct flight from Boston to the Azores takes about four hours - shorter than a flight to Las Vegas or Aruba. Read more →

If you don't know what it feels like to drive along 250 miles of beautiful beaches, surrounded by great local restaurants and historical sites, then this is for you. According to Canadian photographer Kate Siobhan Mulligan, Portugal is the 'Ultimate Road Trip'. Photo by Kate Siobhan Mulligan Read more →

Coffee in Portugal is much more than a routine; it is a ritual that comes, in some cases, with its own “cathedrals”, the Cafés. A Route of Historic Cafes has been created to explore 23 of the most beautiful and artistic Cafés in the country. From North to South of Portugal, here is a selection of cafés not to miss. Read more →