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Get lost in the Bussaco National Forest

The Bussaco National Forest offers many trails and sights that seem to replicate what the lands were prior to human settlement. On the trails one can see a wide range of trees and plants, fountains, and valleys. The Bussaco Forest also holds military and religious landmarks such as the Military museum, built in memorium of the Battle of Bussaco fought during the Napoleonic invasions, and the Convent of Santa Cruz. These trails vary in degree of difficulty, from easy to intermediate, and trekking footwear is recommended.

++ Visits in Buçaco

Visit 1: The Convent of Santa Cruz - In 1628 the Diocese of Coimbra donated a large piece of land to the Order of Discalced Carmelites. On the piece of land the Order constructed the Convent of Santa Cruz, which was an active monastery for two centuries, until the abolition of religious Orders in 1834. Some parts of the convent still remain from the early days, including paintings, sculptures, and tiles.

Visit 2: Convent and Gardens of the Bussaco Palace Hotel - One of the main places of interest in the Bussaco National Forest is the historic, and royal, Palace Hotel. Originally built as a hunting lodge for the last kinds of Portugal, the architecture is both romantic and representative of the nationalist culture. Additions have been made to property, including buildings, ponds, and gardens.

Visit 3: Convent and The Bussaco Woodlands - The Bussaco Woodlands is home to a wide range of plants and enormous trees. It is one of the richest natural forests in terms of natural, architectural, and cultural heritage. The area is divided into three different landscapes, including the Arboretum, the Gardens and Valley of the Ferns, and the Relict Forest. Today it is a living laboratory and an important subject of study for several Portuguese universities. Trekking footwear advised.

Visit 4: The Bussaco Woodlands - A beautiful landscape with many landmarks and natural formations. Trekking footwear advised.


The visits and walks are subject to prior booking.

Visits are provided in English, Spanish and French for groups with a minimum of 15 persons. Bookings for smaller groups are accepted subject to the payment of the fee applied for a group of 15 persons. For information and booking please call (+351) 231937004 or email: [email protected]



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