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The king D. Dinis (1261-1325) was a renaissance king long before the Renaissance. He was the first European leader to drop Latin as the language of the court in place of vernacular tongue. He empowered dozens of towns with charters, built a string of innovative castles to defend the frontiers, invested in improving agriculture, and planted a vast pine forest near the royal palace in Leiria that still stands to this day. But a great king deserves a great queen, and D. Dinis was to wed a princess from Aragon, whom he had never met. Read more →

The story behind this coat of arms refers to Saint Vincent, patron of the city (Saint Anthony was “simply” born here). According to a legend, our founding King, D. Afonso Henriques, made a vow to protect the remains of St. Vincent if he would guide the king's outnumbered forces to victory in the siege of Lisbon in 1147. Read more →