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August 2015

The new Martinhal Quinta Family Resort is an exclusive 4-star resort of independently owned luxury villas, comprising 2 and 3 bedroom townhouses, and 3 and 4 bedroom villas (each with a private pool). Read more →

Ever grab a quince thinking it was an apple? Not a fun surprise... The Ancient Greeks knew quinces that were slowly cooked with honey would be a wonderful treat when cooled. They called them melimēlon, or "honey apple." A few thousand years later, the Portuguese word "marmelo." Read more →

During the 15th century by the order of King Joao I, the royal palace was expanded with arched galleries providing views over the city itself. The addition of these galleries two twin towers were added each. These towers were designed as bedrooms and private quarters for the royal family. The castle and the palace still stand and welcome your visit today. Read more →

For the Portuguese people, Guimarães is a very special place, for it was in a field close to the walls of its castle that King D. Afonso Henriques won the Battle of São Mamede, on the 24th of June 1128. By emerging victorious from this struggle against his mother, Afonso Henriques began the process that would lead to the foundation of the kingdom of Portugal, of which he was to become the first king (and one of the greatest). Read more →