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  Roman ruins in Conímbriga T09AQH18 - Photo credit to António Sacchetti

Today the most impressive former Roman city is Conimbriga, just to the south of Coimbra in the Centro region. The city was founded in the 9th century B.C. The Romans arrived in the 2nd century A.D. and the city flourished until it fell to barbarians in 468 A.D. Today Conimbriga is the best-excavated Roman site in Portugal. The site includes the foundations of numerous houses and public buildings, along with elaborate courtyards, fountains, hot and cold baths and mosaics. The public baths include a complex network of stone heating ducts beneath the floors.  


The most fascinating part of the site is the city walls that still stand. At one time, the peaceful Roman settlement had outgrown its walls and prospered beyond them. Then, when Germanic tribes began to attack in the 5th century, the people of city retreated and attempted to rebuild the crumbling walls with anything they could find--statues, bones, and pottery. The people lost that battle and the city was destroyed, however. Those who survived fled to nearby Aeminium, which is called Coimbra today--named for the bishop of the now ruined city of Conimbriga.


HD Duecitânia Design Hotel opens in Penela (Centro) with Roman Theme


A concept that strives on the fusion of the Roman cultural spirit, with a contemporary design, adapted and focused to offer the highest quality experience to guests. Set a half mile from Penela, off of the IC3, the hotel provides an access to the entire Conímbriga Romanization region, as well as Coimbra, Lousã and the Schist Villages.

A mix of classical antiquity and contemporaneity, HD | DUECITÂNIA DESIGN HOTEL combines the quiet of the Centro forest, gardens and Dueça River, a refuge in the quiet of nature.




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Paulina on the road

Coimbra has such a rich history!! I immediately felt in love with this city and dedicated it a small post on my Blog. I hope you like it ! :)

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