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How to get by the basic Portuguese words

Planning on going to Portugal? If you are planning that trip to Portugal, you probably know that the Portuguese are pretty familiar with the English language. In fact, Portugal is on the Top 15 of the EF English Proficiency Index 2015 world ranking.

Although, if you’re afraid that you won’t be able to communicate - or you just want to become a Portuguese language master - here is the 15 basic Portuguese phrases you need to know to get by.

Hello – “Olá”

Goodbye – “Adeus”

Good morning – “Bom dia”

Good afternoon – “Boa tarde”

Good evening/night – “Boa noite”

Yes/No – “Sim/Não”

Please – “Por Favor”

Thank You – “Obrigado”

You're welcome – “De nada”

I'm sorry/Excuse me – “Desculpe”

Do you speak English? – “Fala ingles?”

Where is? – “Onde é?”

Where is the bathroom? – “Onde fica a casa de banho?”

How much is it? – “Quanto custa?”

I don’t speak Portuguese very well – Não falo muito bem português

Well…that last one you won’t be using for much longer, but can surely help in the beginning. If your trip is soon, we wish you “Boa viagem” (Have a nice trip!).




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