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Money Museum to open in Lisbon

Where once safes full of money were, now rises in what remains of an ancient altar. Where previously cars were parked, is now a restored 18th century church.  Opening in Lisbon on April 20th, the Bank of Portugal’s new Money Museum or “Museu do Dinheiro.” It is set in the ancient Church of São Julião, right in the heart of Lisbon.

The 34 million euros investment, resorted by architects Gonçalo Byrne and João Pedro Campos Falcão, will offer a multipurpose space that can host concerts or exhibitions. The museum will be a door to financial literacy, and will not be a "contemplative" museum, but an interactive space, which will be told the history of money and exchanges in the world.

Undercover the Past
The church was rebuilt after the 1755 earthquake and the building served as a warehouse of the Bank of Portugal. The real surprise was that under the church archaeologists found the remains of a city wall from the time of King Dinis in the 13th century. This slowed the restoration, as the wall was turned into a new exhibit, was where the foot in from the 18th century building, showing the creative design used post-earthquake to be sure new building could withstand another quake.

During the excavations were found more than 100 000 ceramic fragments from the Roman and Islamic periods, and still a vestige of the 16th century Royal Palace of the Ribeira, who was lean against the wall. And when they raised the floor of the church worked found and exhumed more than 300 bodies.

"They are made burials during the nineteenth century," said the archaeologist. "There is no evidence of burials prior to the earthquake." Some of the bodies were in curious positions - a woman, for example, was buried with her hands behind her head. Also curious was the discovery of a man's body with a prosthetic hip.

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