Gardens on Madeira
Forget Pampalona: Why not run with the bulls every day in the summer in Portugal?

Empanadas - Portugal invented them... well almost - Meet the Chamuça!

Empanadas are tasty mini meat pies made all over the world. And – you may be surprised to know, they trace back their roots to Portugal.

Empanadas became popular in Portugal in the 16th century, as trade routes to India linked Portugal to Goa. Portuguese came back with a taste for the Indian Samosa. They called “Chamuças da Goa.At first the empanada was a large pie filled with tuna, sardines, or even chouriço. And from Portugal, they traveled to Brazil, Africa, and even to Indonesia.

But today look for pasteis de carne – tasty fried treat filled with beef or chicken.




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