Guess where the Smallest International Bridge is
And the longest Rail Trail in Portugal is…

Portugal is the Starting Point to the Longest Train Ride in the World. All aboard!

The longest train ride in the world starts in Portugal and ends in Vietnam. The 11 thousand miles journey takes about 275 hours – equivalent to 12 days – and costs around $2,000. More info here!

The journey starts in Porto and is always made by train, except for a short stop in Paris – in which is necessary to take the metro at Gare Montparnasse towards Paris Nord station.


Check the full route and the prices (on average):

Porto — Coimbra B

Coimbra B — Hendaye (France)

Hendaye — Paris Montparnasse (France)

Paris Montparnasse — Paris Nord (France)

Paris Nord — Cologne (Germany)

Cologne — Warsaw (Poland)

Warsaw — Moscow (Russia)

Moscow — Beijing  (China)

Beijing — Hanoi (Vietnam)

Hanoi — Saigon (Vietnam)

But, keep this in mind:

  • The trip is a total 17,000 km/10,500 miles.
  • It will take 2 weeks with up to six days on a train, plus layovers.
  • Expect to spend an overall estimate of $2,000 per person for the train tickets.



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Hakan Kaya

Ooo, it looks nice trip plan. Has anyone tried this adventures roote and is it worth it?


Hey! Cool post! Do you know how often this trip is actually completed? A friend of mine and I are planning to do it, but in reverse from Vietnam to Portugal (we'd start in Singapore and go over land to Vietnam before catching the train from there). Any tips? Cheers!

Heather Jolly often does this train trip take this journey......???
Does for 2018.... Would be appreciated.....


This is an amazing adventure for sure. Would love it.

Hugh Buttenshaw

Well the planning is starting. I live in Portugal and intend to fly out and catch the train home in early Spring 2019. I had a travel buddy who was looking forward to this trip with me unfortunately passed on so looks like it will be a solo journey. Any tips or advice on any bits of it would be appreciated.

Maria Santos


Larry green

You can add another 350 k approximately if cath the intercity from Tunes in the Algarve to Porto cost 45 euros

Jon Barton

How nice is the train??

Claire Tracey

Yep.. what is this train like.. food carriages, bathrooms etc


I am interested, and can join in Vietnam or Portugal as I am from India. Would love to travel before I die.

Shamshad Ahmed

I am indian ..I want to travel this train ..if go to Vietnam then want go to Portugal or Spain so I require visa ??


However, when you hold an Indian passport, you will need to apply for a Schengen visa.


Anyone did this travel? And started in Portugal?
Thank you!!!


Obviously not all on the same train. And with varying comfort levels. Would make for a fun trek if you took 4-6 weeks to do it. I know the Vietnamese trains are not comfortable at all. Even the Vietnamese discourage their use for tourism.

Nirver singh

I am indian ..I want to travel this train ..if go to Vietnam then want go to Portugal and France
so I require visa ??


However, when you hold an Indian passport, you will need to apply for a Schengen visa ??


Hello, I bwoule like to know as an european, how many visas do I need to complete the trip?
thank you very much in advance.

Raghav lawrence

I was traveled this journey

Alexandre Neves

I believe that you could start in Lagos, in the south of Portugal. This will add some more kilometers to the journey. Lagos - Faro - Coimbra.......

Jose Carvalho

boa tarde, onde oso obter mais infrmações?

steve helinski


Sarabjit Sandhu

Can you tell me more about that how can we go veitnam to Portugal.
Is this timing or more information I want.

Avtar Singh

Ohhh! That is amazing and i want to travel but how i can travel, Give the line or website where i book train ticket and explore the world


How possible to journey for indian passport ???


£2000!?wtf...piss take when its About £10,per night

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