Guess where the Smallest International Bridge is
And the longest Rail Trail in Portugal is…

Portugal is the Starting Point to the Longest Train Ride in the World. All aboard!

The longest train ride in the world starts in Portugal and ends in Vietnam. The 11 thousand miles journey takes about 275 hours – equivalent to 12 days – and costs around $2,000. More info here!

The journey starts in Porto and is always made by train, except for a short stop in Paris – in which is necessary to take the metro at Gare Montparnasse towards Paris Nord station.


Check the full route and the prices (on average):

Porto — Coimbra B

Coimbra B — Hendaye (France)

Hendaye — Paris Montparnasse (France)

Paris Montparnasse — Paris Nord (France)

Paris Nord — Cologne (Germany)

Cologne — Warsaw (Poland)

Warsaw — Moscow (Russia)

Moscow — Beijing  (China)

Beijing — Hanoi (Vietnam)

Hanoi — Saigon (Vietnam)

But, keep this in mind:

  • The trip is a total 17,000 km/10,500 miles.
  • It will take 2 weeks with up to six days on a train, plus layovers.
  • Expect to spend an overall estimate of $2,000 per person for the train tickets.



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Lauren Quinn

Hi I've been interested in this Portugal to Vietnam trip for quite some time.
Before I start saving up for it, what would you recommend for me to know before. And is it safe for a single woman to go or recommend to join with a small group.
Any advice would be appreciated

Scott Manson

I completed this journey in 2019, with the longest journey without zig-zagging, begins in Vila Real de Santo Antonio and ends at Ho Chi Minh City. I documented the journey on Youtube. You can see a list of the videos at .


I am interested in the itinerary ..

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