10 Things You (Probably) Don’t Know About Portugal
The Legend of the Easter “Folar”

St. Patrick’s Day: Green Things you can find in Portugal

Are you wearing “Verde” today? To celebrate the day when the Green is the Color, we gathered some Cool Green Stuff you can find in Portugal.


“Green” Lands
They are not completely green, but sure have green in it. From the Continent to the Islands, Portugal has some lands with green (verde) on its name: Castro Verde, Vila Verde and S. Miguel, the Green Island (Ilha Verde).


Caldo Verde, Azeite and Vinho Verde
Food in Portugal is known for being authentic and fresh and there’s a lot of green in it. Caldo verde is a Portuguese Vichyssoise, made with simply potatoes and couve galega (kale), chouriço and olive oil. The Olive Oil (Azeite) is other high quality green (or yellow) product produced in Portugal, essential to season codfish (bacalhau). To go along with codfish or any other fish, the Vinho Verde is a mandatory beverage, mainly in the summer.



The political party “Os Verdes”
“Republican or Democrat? No… I vote for the Greens.” The Ecologist Party "Os Verdes" was created in 1982, by a group of citizens with the intention of promoting a more active ecologist intervention in Portuguese society. Despite being small, “Os Verdes” have two members representing the political party in the Parliament.


Rail Trails (Greenways)
The IP Património website defines Greenways – or Ecopista in Portuguese - as “autonomous communication routes, reserved for non-motorized travel, part of an integrated development framework that values the environment and quality of life, and which provide sufficient width, slope and paving quality to ensure a shared and safe use for all users, regardless of their physical ability.” Check here several you can visit in Portugal as long as 30 miles.


The Flag
After the establishment of the Republic in 1910, new National Flag was approved 0n June 19th, 1911. The National Flag is divided vertically in two colors - green and red, corresponding 40% and 60%, respectively. The green color is often associated with hope or with the long green fields of Portugal.


Sporting Clube de Portugal
Famous for being one of the top teams in several sports, Sporting Clube de Portugal has more than a hundred years of history and are mostly known by their achievements in Liga Portuguesa de Futebol (the Portuguese Soccer League). Recently Sporting Clube de Portugal was named the club with the best fans in Europe in a survey promoted by Eurosport website.


Golf Courses
Portugal is one of the top golf destinations. With the 4th best Golf Resort in Europe and other 9 Among the 60 best, there is a lot of "greens" you can try. All year round!



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