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Would you jump off a bridge in Melgaço?

Maybe “Jumping off a Bridge” is not the first thing that you imagine yourself doing. Or even high on the list… But if it is… you can do it in Melgaço. “Bridge” Jumping is a variation of the famous Bungee Jumping, specially designed for an adrenaline rush. In Portugal, you can try it at the International Melgaço Bridge, where you have an exceptional view over the Alto Minho region.

The concept is simple… You travel to the beautiful city of Melgaço in the North, stand in the middle of the international bridge – right next to Spain – and you jump from 164 feet bridge just over Rio Minho - with just a cable attached. Sound fun?




To get more information or book your bridge jump visit: http://www.diver.com.pt/pt/rafting-atlantico/categorias_rafting/ar3/bridge-jumping/bridge-jumping

Only 75% of the people who try really end up jumping… Do you think you have what it takes?





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