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The charming village of Aldeia das Dez, overlooking the Alvôco river, is famous for its great vistas of the surrounding mountains of Serra do Açor.

Built predominantly of granite, the village holds an impressive architectural heritage, like the Mother Church, whose interior is decorated with gilded woodcarvings. The Pre-Roman walls and the Roman sidewalks mark the antiquity of human activity in the village, where around 100 people currently live.

The Village, which gained its land autonomy in 1603, had a major industrial role, with two or three factories, back in 1890. One of the factories still exists and has been converted into private housing. Until 1899, when the municipal road was finished, Aldeia das Dez was a village that lived almost isolated.

The mystery about the name “Aldeia das Dez” (Village of Ten) has two possible explanations. According to a Legend, the origin of the name Aldeia das Dez (“Village of Ten”) comes from the story of ten women that have found a treasure in a cave of Mount Colcurinho. What that treasure was, nobody knows. Maybe it was something immaterial. The ten women divided it among themselves and promised never to reveal what it was. Some say the secret has been passed from generation to generation. Others say the name come from the evolution from "Aldeia das Diez" based on the surname (Diez = Dias) usual in the region at the time.


How to get there?

3 and ½ hours from Lisbon by car. 281 KM. Take the A1 north to the IC6 in Coimbra, and then local roads to Aldeia das Dez.









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