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On May 25, Parques de Sintra inaugurates the “Point of View” contemporary art exhibition in the Pena Park, a UNESCO recognized world heritage sight. The group exhibition, under the artistic direction of Paulo Arraiano, brings together ten artists from different nationalities - from Poland to Mexico - and will be available for visitors until May 2017.

The project will commemorate the bicentennial of the birth of King Ferdinand II, the “king- artist” who founded the Pena Park, through enabling the visitors to explore the Park’s perspectives and “points of view.” The exhibition offers specific installations strategically created/placed in different points around the Park of Pena, incorporated in the natural materials existing in the Park itself.

Throughout the year that they will remain on display, these works will not be subject to maintenance work as the natural maturing process of each piece forms an integral facet of the exhibition concept. The full list of artists include: Alberto Carneiro (Portugal), Alexandre Farto/Vhils (Portugal), Antonio Bokel (Brazil), Bosco Sodi (Mexico), Gabriela Albergaria (Portugal), João Paulo Serafim (Portugal), NeSpoon (Poland), Nils-Udo (Germany), Paulo Arraiano (Portugal) and Stuart Ian Frost (United Kingdom).




For further information on this exhibition:


Technical details:
Stewardship: Parques de Sintra – Monte da Lua, S.A.
Artistic Director: Paulo Arraiano
Project Director: Sofia Barros
Technical Director for Natural Heritage (Parques de Sintra): Nuno Oliveira


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