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This is the first Jewish hotel in Portugal, Shalom!

It is called Belmonte Sinai and, as the name implies, the new hotel is in Belmonte, Centro de Portugal. Opened in the end of April, the hotel caters to Jewish tourists with kosher cuisine - as is one of the few restaurants in Portugal with a Kosher certification.

The 27 bedroom Belmont Sinai hotel result from the conversion of a historic  building set in the center of the village. Its location allows guests to walk to the main museums – Jewish, Exploration, Olive Oil and Ecomuseum do Zêrere – and other interest points as the Castle, S. Tiago Church and the Synagogue (BET ELIAHU).

Belmonte has plenty roots linked with the Jewish community's history of resistance to religious persecution in the 16th century. Back then, the Inquisition forced (among other things) all Jews and Muslims, or non-Catholics to "repent" and convert themselves to the Catholic religion, or alternatively, they had to leave the country.

Some Jews decided to go on a different path, settling in rural areas of the interior, like Belmonte, and that way, secretly preserving their Jewish traditions - which you can still witness nowadays.




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