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The LX Hotel in Lisbon opened about 5 years ago.... and it is decorated  in themes celebrating Portuguese arts and music - and set in the heart of Lisbon's Cais de Sodré.

But the building it occupies was once the most famous literary hotel in Portugal, the Hotel Braganza. This was the site of the Algonquin Roundtable of Lisbon... In the 19th century poets, philosophers, and singers met at the Hotel Braganza to try to change Portuguese society. The Hotel Braganza was mentioned in numerous books and songs, and became the most famous place to be seen in Lisbon 100 year ago.

Reborn + renamed The Lx Boutique Hotel is located in the hip Cais do Sodré district and minutes away from Chiado and Bairro Alto. After an investment of round seven million euros. The hotel offers a real experience of Lisbon. So, each floor has a theme related to Lisbon life, from the Tejo Persona (Fernando Pessoa lived in the building for some time, when it was the Hotel Bragançza), Fado, Seven Hills and Bairro Alto. The themes of the floors carried over in by panels in rooms with pictures depicting the theme.


The Geração de 70 (1870 Generation) was a social movement changed various aspects of Portuguese culture, from politics to literature with the introduction of realism. In Lisbon, this dissatisfied generation was made up of graduates of the University of Coimbra who gathered at the Hotel Bragança to set plans to revolutionize the country. But they would eventually consider themselves "life's losers" or "Os Vencidos da Vida" - for they thought that could do nothing – as they found society would not change…. "

Os Vencidos da Vida" were made up of Eça de Queiroz, José Duarte Ramalho OrtigãoJoaquim Pedro de Oliveira MartinsAntónio Cândido Ribeiro da CostaGuerra JunqueiroLuís de SoveralFrancisco Manuel de Melo Breyner (conde de Ficalho), Carlos Félix de Lima MayerCarlos Lobo de ÁvilaBernardo Pinheiro Correia de Melo (1º Conde de Arnoso) and António Maria Vasco de Mello Silva César e Menezes (conde de Sabugosa). the Hotel Braganza appears in many of Eça's great novels, including his masterpiece, Os Maias (1888). 


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