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365 Algarve: a new and intense cultural entertainment program comes to the Algarve

365 Algarve is a program but based on the identity of the Algarve region, connecting knowledge, heritage, innovation, contemporary creation, experience and immersion.

365 Algarve provides residents and visitors a (re) discovery of the Algarve - through the arts, spaces and ideas - and increased cultural offerings, throughout the year; being able to go to more than a thousand performances, ranging from music, dance, through the animation of the heritage and the visual arts.

365 Algarve is an invitation to travel throughout the Algarve region, because in the most unexpected places visitors will find an exhibition, a concert, a performance, a festival, an artistic fusion or the possibility to taste the best of local cuisine to the sound of a guitar or an accordion.


There is life all year long in the Algarve!


Sea, sun and sand mark Portugal’s Algarve Region and have made it a favorite vacation destination for millions of Europeans. The climate and topography also make the Algarve Region the perfect setting for some of the finest golf courses in the world (30, at last count), while its beaches and picturesque villages provide a diversion from the greens when necessary.  The region’s capital, Faro, remains nearly the same as it was in the 18th century, its charming neighborhoods intact. The region has 16 cities and its Atlantic coastline measures about 93 miles. The region’s climate is temperate, with little rainfall and an average 3,000 hours of sunlight each year.


Algarve 365 program numbers 16 towns; 51 entities involved; 63 artistic and programming projects; 1023 performances between October 2016 and May 2017.

Promoters: Secretary of State for Tourism, Secretary of State for Culture, Tourism Portugal and the Algarve Tourism Region
partner organizations: Municipalities and regional cultural associations


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