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Taking the kids to Portugal

Discover Portugal, and Explore!

Portugal is the closest nation in Europe to the U.S. It is easy to get to, and represents one of the best values in Western Europe for the American traveler. But, the real reason that Portugal is one of the hottest new destinations in Europe is that it is inviting, complex, and enjoyable as a glass of port.


For being Europe’s oldest country, Portugal is the next big place. That’s not just us talking… it is American visitors. The number of Americans visiting Portugal has almost tripled in less than 10 years, and while last year growth was strong across the board – it was biggest in places like the Douro, Alentejo and Azores.

Travel writers have hailed Portugal’s cities. as some of the most exciting in Europe. Lisbon has reemerged as the place to indulge in fine cuisine, music, and light. Its wide avenues are brimming not simply with history but with new shops, hotels, eateries, and museums. The Marques would be proud.

Porto, to the north, is a cultural capital, with a reborn river district, new cultural institutions, and shopping on par with any big city on the Continent. And, for fun, chance, and amazing weather, the city of Funchal on Madeira is a wonderful place to escape to – and Madeira’s sunny coast is full of new villas, esplanades and even a few sandy beaches.

Of course, Portugal has more than 400 miles of Atlantic Coast, and some of the best weather in Europe to enjoy it by. From the warm water of the Algarve, to the healing sands at Porto Santo, Portuguese beaches are welcoming. Golf is more than just a sport in Portugal; it is an experience, with dozen of world championship courses, many following the sea. Portugal’s cities are alive with culture, cuisine, and light.

But what is old is new, and in Portugal our gets can discover more castles per capita than anywhere else into world, popular forms of music, like the Fado that stretch back 1,000 years. Imagine palatial manor houses welcoming you as their guest with all the elegance of 800 years of tradition. Imagine the most modern of hotels rising like a cloud above the mystic seven hills of Lisbon. Yes, you can indulge in a 5-course dinner at one of the worlds’ oldest restaurant, or simply enjoy fresh grilled fish on the beach as the sunsets.


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